Typical Underground  is an original three piece rock band from Kelowna, B.C.

Canadian rock band Typical Underground's new self titled LP builds on the successful release of their EP Eyes Open Wide. This melodic grungy blues rock band with British punk influences has a unique and diverse sound. Comparisons have been made to Tragically Hip, Nirvana and 54-40, but the driving sound of this three piece rock band is definitely unique.

From catchy, upbeat songs like Tuesday, Happy and Scenery, to the darker side of Self and Generation X, Typical Underground captures and reflects so much emotion and passion in their music.

Driving rythyms and melodic harmonies showcase lyrical reflections on world adventures and life experiences. Thought provoking with a groovy, deep driving rythym, Typical Underground will have you reminiscing about hedonistic self-indulgence and questioning religion and conventional standards of normal - while feeling upbeat and charged. Themes of self exploration and social exploitation are explored in a fun way with a feel good, kick ass sound. Take a little trip - have a listen to what your heart and mind are missing.

After years of rocking other people's music, guitarist/vocalist Jeff Martin, bassist/vocalist Patrick Spinks and drummer Scott Cudney formed Typical Underground to focus solely on creating and performing their own original music. Tunes were crowd tested at parties, clubs and bars. In Winter 2018, the band enlisted Evan Ferguson at Empire Sonic Studios to record their first EP: "Eyes Open Wide" and share four songs with the world .

Following the success of their EP, Typical Underground now released their full length, self titled album in Summer 2018.

They continue to play live year round and look forward to touring in 2019.  Hope to see you there.